A Celebration to Remember

Inaugural Address

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Inaugural Poem

Nine Letters for Penn

A poem of “what if” for Liz Magill and the University of Pennsylvania.

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President Magill delivers her Inauguration address

“As Penn’s ninth president, I pledge to do everything in my power to support this University, this city, and our people in making the moment. The future awaits. But we’re ready. Let us draw down the lightning—together.”

Penn President Liz Magill

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The inauguration of Liz Magill, Penn’s ninth president

Picnic and Concert

Walk with Olive, Homecoming 5K Run

Board Chair, Scott Bok, introduces President Magill during the Inauguration ceremony

"Like any new beginning, we face it with excitement and joy, and with seriousness of purpose. We live in complicated times and we cannot know what challenges are ahead. What I do know is that we are ready, with a University resolved to academic excellence and service to others, a red and blue spirit that is strong and tenacious, and, beginning today, a president who is hand-picked for this moment at Penn."

Scott L. Bok, Trustees Chair